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Sewer cleaning and the necessity of prevention

Apofraxeis Peiraias in Athens

Apofraxeis Peiraias in Athens

Sewer blockages Apofraxeis Peiraias

Sewer blockages Apofraxeis Peiraias

professional plumbers in Peiraias

professional plumbers in Peiraias

Apofraxeis Peiraias is known that, for 30 years undertakes all kind of work related to obstructions, disinfections, disinfestations and water pumping both in Athens and in Piraeus.”
— George Antoniou
PEIRAIAS, ATHENS, GREECE, January 28, 2022 / -- Whether it is for residential or commercial buildings, the proper functioning of the sewer system is an issue that usually does not concern us, until it concerns us for good. Let's change this, let's control what can have a detrimental effect on the places someone lives and works.

Sewer blockages are like car service that some are typical and never have a problem. Or work with procrastination, until the day when the damage will be immobilized.

In fact, in the case of blockage, the damage affects not only the manager, but those who live and work inside the building. Simply put, what may one day seem like an economy, the next may be revealed as a huge expense.

The necessary and correct equipment for the blockage of a well or a basin, or a sink, etc. is judged by the construction of each sewer (where in every house, factory, etc. it is different) as well as the causes that it has blocked.

So, in some blocks it is better to use a rotary machine and in others a pressure machine, this is judged only by a technician who has the experience and knowledge of the object of sewer blockages, so as to make a proper assessment of the problem and use the right machine.

Since the sink pipe with the central drainage pipe or with the rainwater pipe, are usually all different from each other, it is not possible to put the same machine for all the pipes.

That's why home owners should always choose the right professional who have all kinds of blocking machines such as pressure and electric rotary machines of various types, so that to be served immediately and the problem to be solved properly and not temporarily.

Stagnant water in the sinks, bathtub or washing machine, shows clogged drains. Stagnant water usually means that there is a blockage somewhere in the sewer pipes.

Usually, these blockages are formed by hairs or food fats and the water can no longer pass through the pipes. If the water has nowhere to go and cannot escape through the drains, it will remain in the sink or bathtub. Then it is time to call a plumber from Apofraxeis Peiraias.

Like stagnant water, the slow flow of water often means clogged pipes. The only difference between stagnant water and a slow drain is that the blockage is just a partial one, which allows some water to pass through the drain pipes until it may block completely.

This partial blockage will eventually become a complete blockage. The question is not whether it will be complete, but when. If the water in the sinks or bathtubs needs more time to drain than normal, a major problem is coming. This is caused by an obstruction created by materials such as hair, soap, grease or food in the tubes. This problem should be addressed by a sewer company as soon as possible.

The sooner it is dealt the more likely it is to save not only money but also the headache of a lifelong problem. Having noticed some horrible bad smells in the house, it may be the pipes. No matter how much the house is being cleaned, the smell does not disappear.

Most times, the drainage is the source of unpleasant odors if the drain is not drained properly, but that does not mean that there is no food or sewage in the pipes. Apofraxeis Peiraias has the special equipment required to remove the source of any dirt in pipes that cause unpleasant odors in homes.

If pipes are constantly clogged and the only treatment so far has been cleaners, try to use a sewer cleaning service for your home. Having already taken care of the stubborn plug a week ago, only to find out it came back stronger this week. This can be a sign of a serious blockage that will not be resolved by any liquid sewer cleaner in the market and only professionals can help.

While liquid sewer cleaners can actually help break the blockage somewhat, they will not remove the residue that clogs the drain pipes. Garbage, dirt, debris and food fats accumulate in the pipes over time. Cleaning should be done by professional plumbers to avoid recurring dams to occur.

Plumbers will remove the buildup allowing the water to flow freely again through the pipes. The sooner the blockage is dealt with, the cheaper it is likely to be fixed, not to mention that it will be less messy for the household.

If experiencing any of these problems in residential or commercial buildings, it is time to call the professionals Apofraxeis Peiraias in Athens.

George Antoniou
Apofraxeis Peiraias
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Apofraxeis Peirais in Athens

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